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Wholesalers and Manufacturers B2B

Horizon B2B Marketplace Platform

B2B Wholesalers & Manufacturers

The most complete marketplace solution to create your B2B platform.

The One-Stop-Shop solution

That meets the needs of professionals.

Launch a One-Stop-Shop, aggregating all the suppliers that belong to the value chain of your industry and expand your offer of products and services by placing yourself at the center of your ecosystem.

You offer the user a unique space where he can concentrate all his purchases. You control your value chain, increase your revenues and customer satisfaction.

A wide range of payment options

Adopt differentiated pricing models (wholesale price, unit price, segment price, volume discounts, minimum quantities…) and manage customized tenders.

B2B specificities supported :

  • Payment on Due Date: Provide your customers with multiple deferred payment options based on proposed settlement terms.
  • Price management by supplier: Adopt several pricing strategies (wholesale price, unit price, segment price, volume discounts, minimum quantities…
  • Management of taxes etc…

Expansion of the P&S range

Horizon Marketplace Platform ensures rapid expansion of your product and service offerings.

Horizon enables retailers to quickly deploy a marketplace within their existing e-commerce site, leveraging external vendors or internal affiliates to offer customers a wider range of products and delivery options. This gives customers more choice and the ability to buy everything they need in one place.

Access new markets and go global

You can access new markets for manufacturers who do not sell online or a new customer base of buyers (niche market). Horizon also offers you the opportunity to open your platform to the international market while managing the languages and availability of your offers by region or by targeted geographical area.

They made their choice Horizon

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