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Carrefour Tunisia

Carrefour Tunisie is a well-established and well-known supermarket chain in the country. As a subsidiary of Carrefour, one of the largest retail chains in the world, Carrefour Tunisia offers a wide range of food and non-food products, meeting the diversified needs of Tunisian consumers.

Our intervention: Carrefour Tunisia 

That’s why to manage all these products efficiently, H360 The Marketplace Solution has designed a PIM system that will facilitate the disseminating of this information through the centralization of data to have a single source of reliable information.

Our PIM system will also give access to suppliers to reduce input, send, and receive time.

What has our solution managed to solve  

  • Product and brand management, feature management, values, and attributes.
  • Stores management 
  • Product category management (Family, sub-family, division)
  • TAGS management
  • Workflow management
  • Creation of a Supplier space where he can request an update regarding the price or attribute of a product. They can also view and track the status of their products using a tracking chart
  • Pictures and video management through our DAM 

What we successfully managed to install 

  • Notifications system  
  • Workflow for validation /or publication 
  • Management of access rights by profile
  • Import/Export configuration, FTP server
  • System configuration (CRUD management, Multi-language, quote management) 
  • Connecting systems information UHD via API and/or flat file
  • Synchronizing external system (Crons management, e-commerce platform synchronization) 
  • KPIs reporting (integration rate, product accepted, product rejected..) 
  • Advanced search engine (filtrate, sorting..) 

Discover our services at  H360 marketplace solution et how we can help you improve your enterprise performance.

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