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Géant Drive

Géant Drive is an e-commerce site that offers you the possibility to order your groceries online and pick them up at the nearest drive.

Our intervention

  • Technological advice and UI-UX design
  • Creation and development of the e-commerce site
  • Specific developments: Drive management, time and date of picking
  • Creation of mobile solution and dashboard management of orders to prepare (Picking)
  • Webmarketing SEO consulting
  • Integration with ERPGOLD


Géant, the largest hypermarket in Tunisia opened its doors for the first time on 29 September 2005.

The Géant Hypermarket is the result of an alliance between the Mabrouk Group and the Casino Group A historical player in the French retail sector, the Casino Group is today one of the world leaders in food trade. Wherever it operates, it successfully implements its multi-format, multi-brand and multi-channel model.

Géant drive

This is the online hypermarket, which offers its customers the possibility to simplify their shopping and to buy them online thanks to its website Thousands of items can be ordered online and picked up at the chosen store. The shopping is loaded in the trunk of the customer’s car. Online shopping is at the same price as in Géant hypermarkets.

Géant drive also offers a wide range of fresh products. And the Drive service is free!

Our expertise

We have put a whole market of fresh products within reach in one click : fruits &vegetables, butchery, fishmonger’s, cheese, pastry…

Design and development of the website, mobile applications, the Picking solution, the order taking solution, the loyalty and payment program, all customized and made to measure;  this allowing Géant Drive and Géant hypermarket customers to take advantage of numerous promotions, to save on a wide selection of items, to reserve them and spread their payment or even to use the balance of their Géant loyalty card to pay for their shopping.

Géant’s Picking solution

This solution facilitates the management and preparation of orders from the DRIVE-GÉANT website. A web application gathers all the orders to be prepared for customers who have placed orders online.

Our Picking solution consists of

  • A backoffice to control and manage the order flow
  • A tablet allowing the drive agent to collect the baskets from the shelves
  • A Bluetooth scanner-ring to help the agents to dentify the products during the collection.

Do not hesitate to visit the Géant website and the Géant Drive website!


  • The agency : 61 Avenue du Roule 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

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