Discover how has improved its online shopping experience by using Sylius and React JS. These technologies have made a leader in customer satisfaction and user experience.

Darty: Improving Online Experience

The success of an online store depends a lot on how easy it is to use and how well it’s designed. is a great example of how using new technologies can make online shopping simpler.

Better Performance

We’re excited about working with to make its website faster and easier to use. Our main goal is to speed up the site for’s customers. Thanks to our advanced technology, we’ve helped load pages faster and reduce the time it takes to get information from the database. This collaboration shows our commitment to help businesses succeed online.

Sylius and React JS: Key to’s Platform

Sylius and React JS are the main technologies behind’s success. They work together to make the site work smoothly and make it easy for users to interact with.

Sylius: Flexible and Easy Product Management

Sylius is the foundation of, making it easy for developers to customize the site to fit the company’s needs.

Managing products is crucial for an online store, and Sylius does this well. can easily organize its products and define their features, whether they’re electronics or appliances, making shopping enjoyable for customers.

Sylius also offers useful features like product categories, inventory tracking, and navigation help, making it easier for customers to find what they want.

Plus, customers can read product reviews, making the shopping experience even better.

Sylius and React JS: A Great Combination!

Sylius works hand in hand with React JS, a tool for making interactive websites. uses React JS to make its site fast and engaging, so users can move around the site smoothly and enjoyably, from browsing products to completing orders.

Improving Features and API

We’re always looking for ways to make our platform better. Here are some recent improvements we’ve made in collaboration with Darty and H360 Market Place in France:

More Features: We’ve added new options to the platform’s basic features, making the user experience smoother and easier.

Better Validation: We’ve improved how we check data to make sure it’s accurate and consistent.

These improvements show our commitment to making our platform the best it can be, so Darty can continue to be a leader in online shopping in France.

Making Customers Happy

To make the shopping experience even better, offers easy navigation, advanced search options, and a simple checkout process. And if customers need help, they can get assistance quickly through live chat, phone, or email.

If you have an e-commerce platform and would like to take advantage of this robust technology, do not hesitate to reach out to us. H360 marketplace solution is based in France, you can visit us or fill out the following form:  Request Demo and we will answer all your inquiries as soon as possible. You can also learn more about our solutions.