Powered by Sylius, a Headless ecommerce platform, and backed by React Jsrobust technology, H360 marketplace solution delivered an unparalleled user experience. This dynamic fusion has allowed us to achieve remarkable technological performance. 

Features that have strengthened the customer experience of the Fnac Tunisia website : 

In this part we will exploit the different features that we have been able to integrate to make an exceptional redesign for an exceptional customer. H360 marketplace solution has developed a “Headless” solution for Fnac Tunisia.   

  • Headless solution 

Headless commerce has been developing at high speed in France since 2017, its notoriety does the same. The headless commerce architecture offers a concrete approach to streamline e-commerce. Agility is leveraged to integrate front-end content with the back-end in the most seamless way possible. Specifically, headless is a platform architecture in the form of APIs that simplifies the development of the site or application, allows great customization, and offers an excellent customer experience.  


H360 marketplace solution opted for this architecture in the development of Fnac Tunisia’s website. 

  • Performance improvement with Sylius 

H360 marketplace solution aimed to optimize performance with Sylius because it remained a priority, with contributions aimed at improving the loading times of product pages and reducing database queries, which are crucial to offer a smooth user experience in the Fnac Tunisia website.  


All this was to offer exceptional flexibility, allowing an unprecedented personalization of your shopping experience, with the adaptation of the backoffice as needed:    

– Brands  

– Product Highlights  

– Banners  

– Menu  

– CMS Plugin  

– Shops  

– Social Media   

– Payment by Facility  

– Footer list  

– Product reviews 

Sylius, the bespoke e-commerce platform: 

* Modular architecture: Sylius is built on a modular architecture that allows deep customization of the platform. This means that every component of the system, from product catalogues to order processes, can be adapted to the specific needs of Fnac.tn.

* Advanced inventory management: Sylius offers advanced inventory management, allowing Fnac.tn to monitor the status of each product in real time, optimize inventory levels and minimize stock outs for maximum customer satisfaction.

* User-friendly administration with customizable dashboards.

* Advanced SEO module

  • React Js Technology


    React JS technology for frontend development ensures smooth navigation and optimal responsiveness. Ultra-fast loading times are a direct result of the effectiveness of React Js in rendering web pages that are SEO-friendly.

    React Js, the power of responsiveness:

    * Virtual DOM: React Js uses a Virtual DOM, which is a lightweight, in-memory representation of DOM elements. This means that each page update is managed efficiently, reducing load times and optimizing the performance of Fnac.tn.

    * Reusable components: React Js encourages the creation of reusable components, which optimizes development, reduces code complexity and ensures consistency throughout the Fnac.tn user interface.

    * Dynamic routing: React Js offers dynamic routing, allowing Fnac.tn to add advanced navigation features, including page loads without full refresh, improving the user experience.

    * Advanced component and application state management.

    * Compatibility with the latest ECMAScript (ES6+) standards.

    * Easy maintenance because it does things with components


  • Elastic search 

The integration of Elasticsearch is another significant technical advance. It offers advanced search functionality, improving the site’s ability to deliver relevant results and simplified navigation for users looking for specific products.  

For this purpose, H360 marketplace solution has integrated Elasticsearch technology to facilitate the search of products in the Fnac Tunisia website. We also thought about integrating AI with Elastic Search to ensure an efficient experience.   

  • API Expansion 


* RESTful API: Sylius offers a robust RESTful API, which facilitates seamless integration with other third-party services and systems. This ensures that Fnac.tn can take advantage of many external features while maintaining a consistent user experience.

We worked on the platform’s API as well as its basic features by adding new autocompletion features, improvements in localization validation within the ResourceBundle, and synchronization of APIs.


Our goal for this technological overhaul was to optimize the online shopping journey for a faster, more efficient, and more fluid website to offer an exceptional user experience.  

The whole team of H360 marketplace solution is proud of the result provided for Fnac Tunisia.   


You can take a look at the website via: https://fnac.tn/, request your demo, or learn more about our digital solutions provided.